The Polymath School | 21st Century Education
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Polymath school in bhiwandi


Ranked #1 School in Bhiwandi - Education World

Ranked in India’s Top 10 under Design Thinking Leaders category - Education World

Awarded Excellence in Imparting Project Based Learning Curriculum - Eldrok 2022

Awarded for Holistic Development by Eduleaders 2022

"Children should love coming to school, learn real-life skills, develop a strong character, and get good marks".

Given the current state of our education, this statement seems audacious, even impossible.

But at The Polymath School, we have made this possible through a relentless focus on student-centred education, and by creating an entire ecosystem in support of this education.

Our Four Core Pillars of Education at Polymath are

In-depth understanding and internalization of content through its application in multi-disciplinary, real-world projects.

Developing 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Living “an ethic of excellence”– never settling for anything less than excellent; developing tenacity, grit through perseverance.

Developing values of empathy, positivity, equanimity and reflection

Parent Testimonials

Our School Campus

A reimagined school building is quintessential to complement a reimagined education.

Our school is designed by EDA, the Indian arm of Fielding Nair International (FNI), a global leader in innovative school design. The school layout is flexible and designed to foster true learning, creativity and building of meaningful relationships.This encourages varied styles of teaching - large group, small group, one-to-one, team-teaching, Socratic Seminars

Every grade is housed in a separate Small Learning Community (SLC), a huge 5,500 sq. ft. area, with a science-cum-arts studio (“Da Vinci Studio”), library space, performance space, outdoor terraces, staff room, and adult and child-friendly bathrooms.

Outside on the 4-acre campus there are 3 playgrounds, including an international-size basketball court, a huge farming area, an amphitheatre and a food-plaza.

Coming up are - maker space, culinary studio, visual-arts studio, performing-arts studio and an auditorium which can sit 400 students

The Polymath School Campus Overview