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Examination Board IGCSE

In Grades 9 & 10, students will study for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) administered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), UK. In Grades 11 & 12, students can opt for AS & A levels, also administered by CIE, UK, or move on to any junior college. This being a global qualification, opens many doors for students to choose higher education of their choice in India or abroad.


There are more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in over 160 countries worldwide. Within India there are close to 400 Cambridge schools, with more than 75 in Mumbai. The Cambridge board is well accepted by Colleges and Universities through-out India and is considered equivalent to SSC (state board) and ICSE & CBSE (national boards).


Key Features of IGCSE - CIE

  • Has worldwide recognition and is equivalent to the Certificate of Secondary Education from Indian education boards, General Certificate of Secondary Education, and 'O' Level;
  • Awarded At our IGCSE school - this syllabus is offered with global context, skill based learning and progressive pedagogies enabling children to fully comprehend and practice skills of creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communication.
  • Lays a solid foundation for students to pursue all types of competitive higher studies and entrance examinations in India and also abroad.
  • Offers a unique blend of theory and practical learning



We have been one of the pioneers of CIE, bringing in the International Curriculum in Bhiwandi, let alone be the best IGCSE/ International school in a town like Bhiwandi, we strive to offer at par quality education to our students. We have believed in offering high quality education through all our resources and we expect our students to be able to produce high quality student work.


IGCSE at Polymath builds resilience, perseverance and problem solving mindset. Keeping our national and human values at the forefront, our students experience a world-class education in their classrooms and also outside. Our teachers put in their best foot forward to cover all the learning standards through methods which stand out and create robust experiences for our students. Our focus on conceptual clarity allows us to design classrooms that help children to question, think, observe, challenge, ideate and come up with creative solutions. This enables them to retain their learnings and recall them from their own experience. Our students do not rely on the traditional rote memorization for their assessments.


The Polymath School is an International School with traditional values and ethics rooted in its culture while giving way for accepting and learning from international values and cultures as well. We aim to create a safe, global school with equal opportunities for our students.




CAIE assessments are not about knowledge recall. These assessments are based on application of knowledge and skills. Students are assessed on criterion referencing where they are,

  • Assessed for different abilities gained through the curriculum
  • Capacity and capability to use and apply knowledge gained
  • Coming up with creative solutions to problems through an interdisciplinary approach
  • Learning and practising skills for research, interviewing, experimentation