The Polymath School | The Polymath Preschool
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The Polymath Preschool

Bhiwandi’s Most Unique Preschool, now at The Polymath School


Our preschool section is a unique blend of discovery, inquiry, play, comfort and expression. We are striving to create a safe space for learning where children feel valued, respected and nurtured. The physical space is housed in a 5500 sq.ft SLC (Small Learning Community) area housing classrooms, child friendly washrooms, staff room and a large commons area where students come together for large group activities and block play. There is a separate corner for channelizing their physical energy where children can move, run and jump safely. It is a place where children are encouraged to navigate and explore their own environment.


The classrooms are huge with plenty of natural light and ventilation to maintain a very good balance of temperature and create an ambience for learning. The classrooms are comfortable with different corners allotted for specific purposes that allow the children to navigate through the class and its resources independently early on. Children have direct access to the outdoor green space and the adventure challenge course that allows them to explore nature and play in the backyard pretty often, thus helping them in their physical and mental well being.

We are Mumbai’s only preschool to have adopted The Creative Curriculum by My Teaching Strategies for preschool education. It is designed by My Teaching Strategies and has been in practice for the last 40 years in the United States of America.


The Creative curriculum is an inclusive, in-depth curriculum guided by student interest. Its inquiry based methodology encourages children to think, make observations, compare their findings and create hypotheses based on their own understanding. These are then channelized into defined learnings meeting the curriculum objectives. This curriculum is interdisciplinary and enables children to think, understand and act using skills from various domains. A day at school is filled with skill-based learning, literacy, numeracy, blocks, play time and active communication between teacher-student and between students.


The basic premise is that it is flexible, taking into account each child’s learning style, strengths, and areas that are challenging. The program is play-based and deeply inquiry-based.


Teachers set the stage for learning, while children interact with and learn in eight interest areas: blocks, dramatic play, table toys, music, art, sand and water, library, and the outdoors


We monitor the curriculum through classroom observation and feedback, and discussion of developmentally appropriate activities at group meetings. We believe there are many ways to teach, and that each child learns differently. Individual children are supported in learning in ways that suit them best.


Goals of Early Childhood Education at Polymath

As a school, our emphasis is to imbibe the love for learning amongst our early learners and create a community focused on learning and working together towards achieving the common goals identified as a school. The importance of working together extends between school and home also. Teachers, staff and parents communicate and share ideas so the child’s interests are best met.


We aim at incorporating the four pillars of Polymath into our academics and extra curricular activities.


IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING OF CONTENT : Use of diverse methods of instruction helps our children to internalise the content being delivered thus ensuring clarity of concepts, taking them away from rote learning.


DEVELOPING 21ST CENTURY SKILLS : Young adults will need to be creative and innovative problem-solvers, good communicators & patient listeners. Therefore, we have embedded these skills deep into our curriculum


LIVING AN ETHIC OF EXCELLENCE : The pursuit of excellence, the love for truly beautiful, high quality work, is transformational.It helps develop tenacity and grit and our classrooms are a proof of such work.


HUMAN VALUES : While we want their intellects to develop, we also want their hearts to blossom with qualities of empathy, positivity, equanimity and reflection.


Areas of Development / Learning Objectives of the Curriculum

These objectives are embedded in every activity and student experiences throughout the day.

Apart from these, students also engage in special subjects like Arts, Sports and Dance every week.


Teachers at the Polymath Preschool :

  • Certified in early childhood education and care
  • Highly Qualified with years of experience
  • Are deeply committed to the vision of the school and are themselves fond of working with children

School Timings : Monday to Friday 8:15 am to 12:00 pm



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