The Polymath School | Student Assessments
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Student Assessments

Comprehensive assessments

What does not get assessed does not get taught. Therefore, all of the four core pillars need to be continually assessed.

In-depth understanding

Did the child develop an in-depth understanding of the academic content? Was he able to apply it in a real-world setting?

Ethic of Excellence

Did the child’s work go through multiple iterations? Was he open to receive, and give, helpful critique? Was he hungry for excellence, not wanting to settle for anything less?

Real-world skills

Was there evidence of critical thinking? Could he find a creative solution to a problem? Was he able to articulate and defend his ideas well?

Human Values

Was he being kind and helpful? Did he help foster an environment of positivity? Could he independently reflect on his own strengths and weaknesses?

100 %

High-quality work

Work goes through many drafts and isn't considered complete until it represents high-quality work for that child. And what constitutes 'high-quality' work is agreed upon by the teacher and the class through a joint critique of models of exemplary student work.

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Ongoing portfolios

Every student will have an ongoing portfolio of his projects - containing not just the final products, but also the multiple drafts and iterations that show his journey. More than a grade or a rank, this portfolio will be far more meaningful to the student himself, and to all concerned stakeholders, in gauging the student's progress on all four core pillars.

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Student Led Conferences

The purpose of student-led conferences is to engage and support students, parents and teachers in communicating progress on all four core pillars. Students are the key communicator in the process as they learn to speak about their own strengths, struggles, goals and learning processes. This supports them in the process of becoming life-long learners.