The Polymath School | Thriving Art Scene
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Thriving Art Scene

In our country, the “arts” are considered more a hobby than a true “academic” pursuit. But by keeping the arts on the fringes, we are doing a disservice to our students. Arts can inculcate tremendous passion, commitment and discipline in a child. An appreciation of arts makes him more reflective and open to others’ points-of-view. In our school we would like to encourage a very lively arts scene by…

…encouraging students to put artistic care into everything they do – whether it is expository writing, fiction, poetry, models, photographs, presentations, videos, drama or music

…inviting artists, musicians, painters, authors to share their passion and craft with students and

…creating dedicated spaces that provide a platform for arts to flourish – visual arts studio, performing arts studios, theatre space, culinary lab, cafe that doubles up as a display area, and multiple outdoor spaces spread throughout the school campus.