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Work With Us

As a teacher, you have strived to make education engaging and meaningful for your students. While you have seen some positive results, you know that much more is possible. So much more! You are aching to make a difference, but feel shackled within the existing schooling system.

If this is how you feel, join us at The Polymath School, Mumbai’s first K-12 Project-Based-Learning School, for an extraordinary opportunity to reimagine education from the ground up, and to be part of a cause that is much bigger than us.

Even if you are not a teacher, but have a passion for children and for the cause of bringing in change in education, you could consider volunteering with us, or joining us part time or full time . Painters, musicians, corporate executives, architects, designers, scientists, doctors – all welcome!!
Pick up and drop facility available from Kalyan station.

To apply for any of the Job Opportunities not listed here , you can send your Resume on

Teaching Positions

Admin Positions