The Polymath School | Project Based Learning
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&project base learning school in bhiwandi

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is one of the most effective learning methodologies to prepare our children for the 21st Century. It will be the primary teaching methodology at our School. The following are the essential design elements of PBL:

Project Objective

In-depth understanding of content and development of critical skills and values.

Overarching Theme

A challenging real-life problem to solve, or a question to answer.

Sustained Inquiry

Students engage in a rigorous process of asking questions, finding resources, applying information.


The project features real-world context, tasks and tools, and quality standards.

Student Voice & Choice

Students make some decisions about the project, including how they work and what they create.

Critique & Revision

Students give, receive, and use feedback to improve the process and products.

Public Product

Students make their project work public by presenting it to an authentic audience - people beyond the classroom.


On completion of project, students and teachers reflect on what they learnt, effectiveness of their inquiry and quality of student work.

Courtesy: Buck Institute of Education